The Icelandic Pirate Party


The Icelandic Pirate Party was founded on November 24th, 2012 based on the political ideology of the Swedish Pirate Party, which Richard Falkvinge founded in January 2006, to bring about internet copyright reform.

There are now Pirate parties in over 60 countries. They each have their own policies and priorities, but all are united in calling for the protection and enhancement of civil rights, including free speech and the right to privacy.

In the parliamentary elections of 2013, the Icelandic Pirate Party received 5% of the popular vote. Three Pirates became members of the Icelandic Parliament: Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson, Birgitta Jónsdóttir and Jón Thór Ólafsson. Jón Thór stepped aside in 2015 and his deputy, Ásta Guðrún Helgadóttir, took his seat in parliament. Pirates also have one representative in Reykjavik City Council, Halldór Auðar Svansson.

In the October 2016 elections, the Icelandic Pirates received 14,5% of the popular vote and gained seven additional representatives in parliament, for a total of ten.

Core Policy

The Icelandic Pirate Party’s core policies include direct democracy, transparency, civil rights, the right to self-determination, public access to information and responsible decision making. The core policy text forms the basis for all policymaking. In addition, all pirates can choose to uphold the international Pirate Codex.

Pirate Party Policies

Piratafani4webThe Icelandic Pirate Party’s adoption of a policy hinges on the ability to root it firmly in the core policies of the party. It must also receive sufficient support in the Pirate Party’s online voting system. The online voting system is the primary method through which Pirates settle disputes and reach consensus on policies. All accepted policies are published and viewable in Icelandic at For English translations of particular policy texts, please contact members of the Executive Council or look for an English-speaking meeting on the Pirate event calendar.

Democracy in Action

All Pirate Party work depends on the participation of individuals. The party’s discussions are spread over in-house meetings, social media and various online groups. A great deal of the dialogue takes place on Facebook pages, but there are also more focused web discussions at where Icelandic Pirates debate, interact and reach consensus on a variety of topics. Meetings are advertised via email and social media, as well as on the Pirate event calendar.


There are always interesting projects and discussions going on within the Pirate Party. The more good people we have working with us, the better our decisions and discussions become. You can contact us, show up at our meetings or even organise a meeting through your own initiative. Our email is and we can be reached by phone at +354 564 2000.


To register as an Icelandic Pirate, visit the registration page and provide your name, address and participation preferences. In order to vote in our web based voting system, you must also register at using the IceKey if one is available to you as a resident of Iceland.

Local Pirate Chapters

There are regional Pirate groups all over Iceland. Go to this web page to find a local Pirate party chapter near your municipality.

International team

Out International team will gladly answer all your questions about the Pirate Party and how to meet Pirates in Iceland. Contact them via e-mail: 

Contact Us

The headquarters of the Icelandic Pirate Party are called Tortuga. Tortuga is located in Síðumúli 23 (walk in from Selmúli), 108 Reykjavík, Iceland. Our email is: and our phone number is +354 546 2000.

Web Voting Portal:

Twitter: @PiratePartyIS

Facebook: /pirate_party_iceland and /Piratar.Island

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