The Pirate Party of Iceland

The Pirate Party (Icelandic: Píratar) is a political party in Iceland. The party’s platform is based on pirate politics and direct democracy. The Pirate Party currently hold 6 seats in Parliament, 3 seats in Reykjavik City Council and 1 seat in Kópavogur. The ballot letter for the party is P.

News in English

Jólavaka Pírata í Reykjavík

Verið hjartanlega velkomin á jólavöku Pírata í Reykjavík. Það verður eitthvað fyrir alla fjölskylduna, bókaupplestur fyrir bæði börn og fullorðna, piparkökuskreytingar, kakó og jólaglögg ásamt jólatónlist til að koma okkur öllum í...

Destroyed by Unjust Law

We tend to think of our own interests rather than others when our safety is threatened, but it is only when we are afraid that it is possible to be brave....

Orðið frjálst: Phoenix Jessica Ramos

A great speech at the National Pirate Assembly by Phoenix Jessica about the state of Icelandic classes for foreigners in Iceland.

A Decade in Icelandic Politics

There is a saying that a week is a long time in politics, so the fact that the Pirate party celebrates its tenth birthday this November must be a good thing....

Policy Agenda 2021 & 2022