Halldóra Mogensen

1. Candidate for North Reykjavík

Parliamentary party chairman of the Pirates | b. 11. July 1979

I am 42 years old and the parliamentary party chairman of the Pirates and lead our ticket for the Reykjavík north constituency in the upcoming elections.

My husband and I live with our 8 month old son and my 10 year old daughter from my previous relationship.

Since I started working in parliament, I have presented and fought for issues that I am passionate about. It's a unique feeling that comes with putting everything into a struggle that one truly believes can change society for the better. Feeling the support is invigorating, only overshadowed by seeing the issues I am passionate about gaining momentum and moving in the right direction, towards success. I see this with issues such as universal basic income, abolition of pension cuts, a new framework for economic policy, decriminalization, industrial hemp agriculture, CBD regulation and more.

My emphasis is on the prosperity and wellbeing of the individual. The people of this country and the power that can be unleashed by right action. I push for the eradication of poverty by actually investing in people, by providing economic flexibility to live and prosper one's own terms, and creating space for people to pursue their life's passions. Investing in people leads to increased participation and boosts trust in society and democracy, greater foresight and the courage to change and innovate.

Andrés Ingi Jónsson

2. Candidate for North Reykjavík

Parliamentarian | b. 16. August 1979

I was first elected to Parliament for the Reykjavík North constituency in 2016. I have a BA degree in philosophy and an MA in political science. I worked as a journalist in the years before the collapse, was committee secretary at the Constitutional Council in 2011 and held both the position of Assistant Minister of Health and Minister of the Environment 2011-2013. I am married to Rúna Vigdís Guðmarsdóttir and we have two children.

My vision

After the election, the Pirates will be in a key position to make our society better for all of us - by ensuring that a government is formed here that not only covers the lowest common denominator, but real changes for the benefit of human rights, the people of the country and the future.

My focus

In parliament for the past five years, I have placed emphasis on climate change, the strengthening of democracy and equality. These are issues that will be crucial in the coming years and it is important to have a strong group of Pirates to win them over in the next election period.

Lenya Run Taha Karim

3. Candidate for North Reykjavík

Law student | b. 18. December 1999

I'm 21 years old and in my final year of law school. I have been active in the fight for the interests of students and sat on the Student Council of the University of Iceland 2020-2021 as head of Vaka. I believe that my experience in the student interest struggle, as well as my experience in the field of activism will benefit the Pirates well and hopefully all Icelanders in the upcoming elections.

My focus

My main focus is on fundamental human rights. Decriminalization of drugs for personal use is a very big issue that the Pirates have held strong emphasis on and I feel it is important to complete the work. The rights of refugees and the issues of young people are also high on my mind, as both issues hit close to home for me personally, and I believe we can change society for the better. Let's remember that laws are man-made and it is through progessive and fearless representatives that we can change the law. That is the reason we have a parliament.

Björn Leví Gunnarsson

1. Candidate for South Reykjavík

Parliamentarian | b. 1. júní 1976

I was first elected to parliament in 2016. I sit in parliament for The Pirates in the Reykjavík South constituency and hold the position of the fifth vice-president of parliament.

I am married to Heiða María Sigurðardóttir and we have two children together.

Sprawy dla mnie kluczowe

Piraci przedstawili jak dotąd jasną politykę w wielu kwestiach. Niektóre z nich nigdy nie tracą na ważności - dobry system opieki zdrowotnej, system edukacji, transport, środowisko i opieka społeczna. Jednak wyzwania związane z przyszłością wymagają od nas nacisku na innowacyjność w ciągle zmieniającym się społeczeństwie i nową konstytucję, która zagwarantuje prawa jednostki i narodu, bezpieczeństwo środowiska i zasobów.

My focus

Pirates have put forward a clear policy on a number of issues. The classic issues are as important as ever - a good healthcare system, education system, transport, environment and welfare, but the challenges of the future will be demanding in regards to innovation in an ever-changing society and a new constitution that guarantees the nation and its people rights, environmental safeguarding and capable management of our resources.

My focus

Pirates do politics differently. More democracy. More conversation. More decentralization of power. The more powerful the Pirates become in parliament, the more likely it is that these working methods will be superimposed in collaboration with other parties.

The future of the country and the nation is secured by the new constitution with national ownership of resources, environmental conservation and with the democratic right of citizens to appeal, granting the people the ability to intervene if the government acts violently against the will of the nation.

Arndís Anna Kristínardóttir Gunnarsdóttir

2. Candidate for South Reykjavík

Attorney | b. 3. febrúar 1982

I am a 39 year old self-employed Attorney. I have worked for the Red Cross as a legal spokesperson for asylum seekers since 2014 and as a volunteer in the same role since 2009. Graduated with a master's degree in law from the University of Iceland in 2009 and an additional master's degree in human rights from KU Leuven in Belgium in 2013. Strasbourg, France. I am unmarried and have two children, who are 14 and 2 years old.

My focus

My main cause is for the individual's liberation from violence and oppression from those who wield power. I am passionate about democracy, transparency, human rights, and that which makes human society beautiful and great for all of us.

My vision

A revolution in attitudes and practices towards the acceptance of foreigners who come to Iceland for one reason or another. And a new constitution we can be proud of.

Halldór Auðar Svansson

3. Candidate for South Reykjavík

Community representative at the Mental Health Team West | b. 26. september 1979

I am a computer scientist with a master's degree in project management. I worked for over a decade as a programmer until I was elected for the Pirates in the City Council in 2014 in our first municipal elections. I completed one term and have worked in the mental health sector ever since. I have lived in Vesturbær continuously since 2003.

My focus

My focus issues are the rights of the individual, information technology, digital revolution and innovation, drug reform and harm reduction, mental health issues. I search for opportunities to make systems more efficient and user-friendly.

Þórhildur Sunna Ævarsdóttir

1. Candidate for the Southwest

Member of Parliament, Deputy Chairman of the Pirate Party | b. 6. maí 1987

My name is Þórhildur Sunna Ævarsdóttir, I am a 34 year old lawyer and MP for the Pirates. I completed the LLB in International and European Law at the University of Groningen and the LLM in International Criminal Law and Human Rights at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. I worked as a journalist and self-employed expert before I was elected to parliament for Pírata in 2016 and 2017. During my parliamentary career I have held the position of parliamentary party chairman and chaired the Icelandic section of the Council of Europe, chair of the Law and Human Rights Committee of the Council of Europe. Chairman of the Constitutional and Monitoring Committee and currently holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the Pirate Party.

My focus

We the Pirates, strive to invoke a culture of responsibility and integrity, equanimity and determination in the political arena. We work together against the nepotism and corruption that has a gigantic foothold in our society. The codependence and corruption in Icelandic politics is so rampant and predominant that any opposition to the reigning status quo elicits an almost knee-jerk vitriolic reaction. This atmosphere breeds ethics committees that place higher concern over the disclosure of information that may detract from the respect of parliament rather than taking an ethical lens to behavior that is the affront to our citizens.

Marginalization, silencing, disrespect and willful misconstruction are methods that the authorities ruthlessly use to beat down anyone who dares to make their voice heard especially in a tone that said authorities dislike. Disabled and handicapped people know this well. This is common knowledge to the low-income classes, to our senior citizens and to foreign nationals. This is even evident to scholars who point out that the Independence Party is a record holder in corruption.

I want to change this. To do this, we must strengthen our regulatory bodies so that they can carry out their roles properly. We need to be able to investigate corruption where the power lies. We need them to protect citizens from the intrusion of state power and ensure that everyone sits at the same table. We need them to safeguard human rights for all, not just some.

Gísli Rafn Ólafsson

2. Candidate for the Southwest

Relief worker | b. 20. mars 1969

I have for the past decades worked in relief and humanitarian work around the world and now I'm in my first run for parliament. I am a computer scientist and did my studies in Denmark. I have worked in the technology sector since I was fourteen years old and have been in the emergency rescue team for the past 27 years. Fifteen years ago, I had the opportunity to connect these two interests and work on technology related to relief work. I am married to Sonja Dögg Pétursdóttir and have five children, a dog and a cat.

My focus

My main issues of interest are: Post-pandemic development with a strong emphasis on innovation and the development of green infrastructure; Substantial actions in combating climate change, my will is to make Iceland into the knowledge and innovation center in fighting off climate change; Humanitarian treatment of refugees arriving in Iceland; Meaningful measures that ensure a relaxed twilight of life for our older folks instead of a poverty-driven struggle in a system that endlessly erodes their rights.

Eva Sjöfn Helgadóttir

3. Candidate for the Southwest

Psychologist | b. 4. ágúst 1987

I am a 34 year old resident of Kópavogur where my husband and I live with our three children and dog. I work as a psychologist at the Reykjavík Child Welfare Service. Over the years, I have also worked extensively with disabled children and young people. I have previously worked as project manager for the Faculty of Psychology at Reykjavík University. I have been a member of committees on behalf of Pirates in Kópavogur since the 2018. The reason I went into politics is that I am passionate about an equitable society, improving the healthcare system, specifically a rethink about important mental healthcare and increasing opportunities to those most in need. I am passionate about everyone being able to participate in the economy without cuts and that Iceland becomes a family-friendly country.

My focus

Mental health and health issues. Issues of immigrants, the disabled and the disabled. Employment and education.

Einar Aðalsteinn Brynjólfsson

1. Candidate for the Northeast

High school teacher | b. 26. október 1968

From an early age I became interested in politics and have followed them quite closely ever since, both domestic and international. I have struggled with finding my place on the traditional political spectrum. I have done a fair bit of searching over the years and never found a comfortable fit. The traditional categories offered less distinction on closer inspection than advertised and I found the old established parties to be stuck in a system that does not work. With the Pirates, I met people who were unafraid of change; people who have empathy with marginalized groups; people who want to throw away useless systems; people who are open-minded and liberal. Last but not least, I was drawn in by the Pirates' ideals of increased transparency, freedom of information and expanding democracy. After doing some research, I decided to attend my first Pirate Meeting in January 2016 and became very active in there ever since.

My focus

The issues that are at the top of my mind are the new constitution, fisheries issues, the fight against corruption and healthcare issues. In addition, various precise issues in the Northeast electoral district, such as transportation, employment, electric accessibility and education, jump to mind.

Hrafndís Bára Einarsdóttir

2. Candidate for the Northeast

Actor and event manager | b. 18. júlí 1983

I am almost forty and divorced, accompanied by 6 children, a collection of step- foster- and the more traditional way of having- kids. I was born and raised in the east of the district and have my roots in Hrafnkelsdalur and Jökuldalur. My families are from Skógargerði and Fjallsel in Fells, Vaðbrekka in Hrafnkelsdalur and Bótinn in Glerárþorp. I've always been large and loud. I have been opinionated since childhood and my mother must have had the patience of a glacier to raise me into an adult. My parents are Ragnhildur Ingibjörg Benediktsdóttir from Jötunfell in Glerárþorp and Einar Pálsson from Aðalból in Hrafnkelsdalur. They instilled in me a fundamental sense of justice which is the wellspring that led me to be a vocal advocate, to seek equality in all respects and passed on to me the belief of the importance of treating those of our brethren of least fortune, with kindness and respect. No society can be healthy that accepts that satisfaction should be kept out of reach for some.

My focus

My focus My main priorities, and the reason I am in the running, are the issues of the elderly, the disabled and the poor. It is criminal to put quotas on the human rights of disabled people. It is criminal to rob old people their dues and it is a social crime to enslave the disabled and other people in poverty. Addicts are people, not criminals. These are all people who can enrich our society and make it richer and better if we give them the opportunity to participate instead of just looking at it as a cost and a burden.

Magnús Davíð Norðdahl

1. Candidat for the Northwest

Human rights lawyer | b. 8. February 1982

Throughout my career as a self-employed lawyer, I have cared for people who have been under pressure for a variety of reasons and have had few, if any, advocates. My work is most important for asylum seekers, but this issue is political in nature and the conflict is often directed at those who deal with the issue, ie. The Independence Party with its control over the Ministry of Justice in recent years. My struggle in that field has yielded results for a number of individuals and families who were facing deportation but were instead given the opportunity to settle here and participate and contribute to Icelandic society.

My focus

Human rights struggle in all areas of society.

Álfheiður Eymarsdóttir

1. Candidate for the South

Political scientist and deputy member of parliament | b. 18. June1969

I have mostly worked in system administration, civil service, as managing director, both in the public and private sector, and I have owned and run my own company. My career has mainly been related to computer and communication equipment, web solutions and electronic services/self-service, service and managerial improvement projects as well as comparable projects in the fishing industry. I am an educated political scientist from the University of Iceland and have a Diploma in International Political Theory & Political Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh and aim to complete an MSc degree from there in the spring of 2022.

My focus

I wholeheartedly support the Pirates' founding policies. My values are established on the freedom of the individual, the responsibility of the authorities and elected representatives towards the electorate, on the importance of transparency, open democracy and critical thinking. I have no patience for shoddy workmanship, conflicts of interest, incompetence, nepotism or corruption of any kind.

The new constitution, systemic changes, the fishing quota system and the fight against corruption are priority issues to me. Systemic changes are needed in: governance, our electoral system, the healthcare system, in our economy, our welfare system, the fishing quota system and in our financial sector. These systems are outdated, complex, opaque, malfunctioning, are in many cases corrosive to equality and are unsustainable. Here we need to redesign, modernize and simplify. Systemic fixing not an overzealous toppling. My main priorities are in the field of fisheries, a new way of thinking about the economy of wellbeing, including unconditional basic income, and sustainable production methods so that we may stop over-consuming the world's resources.

I am very interested in challenges facing our business-community and consider those to be some of the most important issues in the South electoral district. The fishing industry is very dear to me, I have fought against the quota system for years and for a while ran my own fish export company. The nation must be freed from the yoke of the quota system and the exploitation of large-scale fishing by ensuring the nation's ownership of the fishing rights. That all utilization rights be temporary. That there is equality in the allocation of utilization rights through auctions, ensuring that the benefits flow to the nation. And ensure sustainable utilization via an independent scientific council.