Yfirlýsing fulltrúanefndar íslenskra Pírata á aðalfundi Pírata í Evrópu

Fulltrúanefnd íslenskra Pírata hefur áhyggjur af starfsumhverfi innan evrópska samstarfsvettvangsins PPEU – evrópskir Píratar.

Þrátt fyrir að hafa sett á laggirnar trúnaðarráð innan PPEU hefur fulltrúanefndin áhyggjur af áreiti, áreitni og ofbeldismenningu innan evrópskra Pírata og telur hana skaðlega fyrir pólítískt samstarf.

Ef PPIS nær kosningu til setu í stjórn PPEU á nýjan leik munu íslensku fulltrúarnir beita sér fyrir því að innleitt verði verklag þar sem lögð verður áhersla á bann við mismunun, einelti, áreitni, þar á meðal kynferðislegri og kynbundnu áreiti, og ofbeldi líkt og íslenskur Píratar hafa á sinni stefnuskrá: https://x.piratar.is/polity/1/document/399/

Hér að neðan fylgir yfirlýsing Oktavíu Hrundar, fráfarandi varaforman stjórnar evrópskra Pírata.

Public Statement – a culture of harassment stifles participatory, inclusive Politics

Today is my last and final day after 3 years as a representative of the European Pirate Party. I have had the honour of serving as your Chairperson, your Vice-chair person as well as a regular board-member.

In that time, I have taken part and led many of the fundamental changes of the European Pirate Party, including the registration in Luxembourg, the Addition of the Code of Conduct Council and uplifting and leading productive activity. Of course, I did none of that alone and I thank my peers, my pirates from all over Europe, for a wonderful time.

As I mentioned, I led the work to add a Code of Conduct Council to the PPEU and that is for a reason. A healthy, growing and influential political movement needs to be inclusive and diverse, welcoming and safe for everyone. A Code of Conduct Council can be instrumental in assisting our movements in a positive direction.

Thus it is terribly difficult for me to write that I have to excuse myself from the Council Meeting this weekend and miss the chance to thank you in (online) person. After confirming with the Chairperson of the PPEU, I am unfortunately not able to attend the Council Meeting as it will not be a safe space.

As a Chairperson I was harassed and had to take steps to report that to an executive board of a council member. As anyone who has been harassed knows, it is no easy thing to do. Subsequently we found a way forward, however it was not without difficulties.

My harasser is known for harassing behavior. My harasser is a delegate member present at the 7th Council Meeting. I have no choice but to excuse myself from the Council Meeting.

As an organization we need to do better and take codes of conduct seriously.

There are cases all around in regards to people that do not understand boundaries and consent, with terrible consequences. The case of former MEP Julia Reda and her assistant, Gilles Bordelais, of course being both grave and damning. I would like to again thank Julia Reda for her honest and open handling of what was an extremely difficult situation.

A culture accepting of harassment and abuse is detrimental to the politics of the future. The exact politics that we collectively as Pirate parties wish to implement.

We can – and should – do much, much better. We should lead by example. We should elect leaders that lead by example.

As saddened I am for not partaking in the Council Meeting this weekend as it is not safe, I want to make it absolutely clear that this is not about me nor my harasser. It is about a culture that is sustained by the many, by those who make excuses and by those that stay silent. This is an opportunity to do better, to progress, to change to embrace the future with all of us in it.

Harassment is keeping people from participation – especially women and non-binary – and away from our parties and movements and it is silencing participation. It affects all of us.

This is an opportunity, good Pirate people!

I urge all of us, in every pirate movement and especially the board I am leaving, the board that will take over and the council members of PPEU to:

  • Take harassment and abuse seriously. It is not a “personal issue”. It is a fundamentally abusive culture facilitated by the community, and instigated by the few.
  • Trust people that come forward. Stop the straw-man arguments, the gaslighting and other known bullying tactics.
  • Address and lead – Address the issues however difficult and lead through it – enable the CoC Council, make it matter.
  • Take word to action. Each and every one of us. Lead with kindness, leave passive-aggression and model the behavior we want for a diverse and inclusive participation.
  • Last but not least: This is not the end but a rocky start of a continued journey! I am adamant and full of fierce conviction that we can lead culture and politics into safer, more diverse and inclusive spaces!

I would not be a Pirate if I didn’t stand up for myself and my well-being and sincerely, my principles.

So! I will see you soon! Take care of yourselves and each-other


Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir


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