Press Release: General Meeting 2022

The past and future meet at the Pirates' 10th anniversary

The Pirate Party General Meeting for 2022 took place over the weekend. Pirates gathered to discuss and elect their executive boards, but this meeting also marked the 10th Anniversary of the Pirate Party in Iceland. The party was founded in 2012 in the wake of the Pots and Pans Revolution following the 2008 Financial Crisis.

The Parliamentary group’s leader, Halldóra Mogensen, gave the opening speech and recalled the early days of the Pirate Party, saying „I met such wonderful people there, people who were open, searching and filled with passion for the future.“

Environmental Protection a Cornerstone in Reykjavík

Alexandra Briem and Kristinn Jón Ólafsson, Reykjavík City Council members discussed the majority agreement and the impact of the Pirates’ policies in this agreement. The Pirates asked that all decisions in the agreement be made with climate issues as a priority and that work would continue on the transportation agreement, increasing density within population centers with a focus on a human-friendly environment, and a special urban design policy would be created to ensure these goals.

Make Ecocide an International Crime

The Pirate’s parliamentary group reviewed the first year of the parliamentary session, both good and bad. In collaboration with the minority group, the Pirates were successful in demanding funding for psychological services, asking tough questions regarding the Government’s sale of Íslandsbanki (How does a government minister accidently sell a share in a government bank to their father at a discount?), and defending Alþing’s right to grant citizenship. The Parliamentary group’s focus is on the decriminalization of drug possession, increased measures against sexual assault, increased support for victims of sexual assault and a proposal for a parliamentary resolution which makes ecocide an international crime.

Two New Icelanders Elected to the Board

The party’s Executive Board, Finance Board, Policy and Social Affairs Board, and Judicial Board were elected at the general meeting.

A new Executive Board takes over with Atli Stefán Yngvason as its chairperson along with Tinna Helgadóttir and Rúnar Björn Herrera Þorkelsson.

The Policy and Social Affairs Board is strengthened with the election of two new Icelanders, Phoenix Jessica Ramos and Derek Terell Allen who were elected along with Sævar Ólafsson. Indriði Ingi Stefánsson is the chairperson.

Valborg Sturludóttir, the outgoing chairperson, will continue on the Finance Board after winning re-election. Stefán Örvar Sigmindsson takes over as the new chairperson for this board.

Closing Speech Live from Kurdistan

Lenya Rún Taha Karim, a deputy MP for Reykjavik North, gave the closing speech from Kurdistan where she was visiting her family. She encouraged Pirates to support the grassroots, welcome new people into the party and support the new generation, stating „The generation who is now reaching voting age wants change and we are going to be this change.“

The final speech was met with wide praise with many attendees saying it was the highlight of this year’s meeting.

Lokaræða Lenyu Rúnar á aðalfundi Pírata 2022

The New Pirate Party Board

Executive Board
  • Atli Stefán Yngvason
  • Tinna Helgadóttir
  • Rúnar Björn Herrera Þorkelsson
Policy and Social Affairs Board
  • Indriði Ingi Stefánsson
  • Phoenix Jessica Ramos
  • Eiríkur Rafn Rafnsson
  • Sævar Ólafsson
  • Derek Terell Allen
Financial Board
  • Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson
  • Valborg Sturludóttir
  • Tinna Helgadóttir
Judicial Board
  • Björn Gunnlaugsson
  • Magnús Kr Guðmundsson
  • Huginn Þór Jóhannesson
  • Bjartur Thorlacius
  • Magnús Norðfjörð
Account Auditors
  • Álfheiður Eymarsdóttir
  • Kristján Gísli Stefánsson

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