'Iceland may become the first nation to be ruled by Pirates'

Frétt Al Jazeera um Pírata segir ‘Iceland may become the first nation to be ruled by Pirates

Currently with a projected 22 percent of the vote – just ahead of the incumbent Independence Party – they may well win the election when Icelanders go to the polls to vote for members of the Althing, Iceland’s parliament, on Saturday.

The Pirates embrace their place as current front-runners in a worldwide movement against government corruption. From the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street to Podemos in Spain to the Five Star Movement in Italy, to the recent Bernie Sanders campaign in the United States, cries for real change, accountability and direct democracy are resonating widely across the political spectrum.

“All of these groups have one thing in common,” says Birgitta Jonsdottir, MP for the Pirates in Iceland. “They have managed to get people from the streets into actually wanting to be part of the change by going inside, figuring out how things work, and then provide that information to others. I see the Pirate Party in Iceland as a Robin Hood of power. We take the power from the powerful and give it to the people.”