Elections 22: Environment, climate and pet policy

Experts panel and Q&A followed by policy building to prepare for the 2022 municipal elections.

Environmental, climate and pet policy (animal welfare) for local government elections in May 2022.

The event will kickoff with an experts panel discussion and Q&A on our streaming service piratar.tv. Following that is a one hour workshop to evaluate the policies and revise accordingly.

Experts panel speakers

  • Halldór Þorgeirsson, Chairman of The Icelandic Climate Council
  • Guðfinna Kristinsdóttir, Animal Welfare Activist
  • Auður Anna Magnúsdóttir, Director of the Icelandic Environment Association

Hrafndís Bára will chair the meeting

Our goal is to encourage as many people as possible to take part in our policy work and to have a diversity of viewpoints, adding robustness to the review process. For those of you planning to participate in our policy work, we highly recommend to take a look at our policies for the 2018 local municipality elections. They are all in Icelandic but google translate does a decent job.

Umhverfisstefna (environment)

Dýravelferð (animal welfare)

Dýraþjónusta Reykjavíkur (animal services)

If you have any questions or want to join our mailing list, you can reach us by contacting Pétur Óli, Chairman of the Pirates’ Policy and Affairs Committee, at tel: 788 5874 or by sending us an e-mail: stefnunefnd@piratar.is

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